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The first US Girls High School Championship, held in Milwaukee in 2000, saw a surprise winner in Ft. Collins Youth from Colorado, playing rugby for the first season. The girls had told Head Coach Greg Chavatal that they sought a contact sport where tackling was legal.

The tournament divided six teams into two Pools. (NB – No clubs came that year from Southern California RFU or the Northeast RFU.)

In Pool A: Divine Savior Holy Angels (DSHA), Wisconsin, Summit, Colorado, and Downington, Pennsylvania. In Pool B: Fort Collins, Wayzata U-19 from Minnesota, and Kentwood, Washington.

DSHA, the host of the event, upset Summit 10-5, a team that they had not beaten in three previous matches. DHSA, in their third year of rugby, defeated Downington 31-5 to advance to the final.

In Pool B, Ft. Collins nipped Wayzata 7-5, and beat Kenwood 13-10 in their second close match of pool play.

For the final, DHSA had to play without Colleen Brennan, their experienced fullback. Ft., Collins broke out to a 17-0 lead, before DHSA scored a consolation try at the whistle. Final tally 17-5.

In the Plate match, Wayzata shutout Summit 33-0. And for the Bowl trophy, Kentwood easily handled Downington 25-0.

The years that followed this initial, 2000 championship would witness an increase in national girls' representation, where DHSA would dominate the competition.