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Ireland vs. Georgia

The U-20 tournament in Manchester, England, has ended its preliminary, three pool rounds. The four teams advancing to the semi-finals are Ireland, Argentina, England (top seed), and South Africa. Past semi-finalists, New Zealand and Australia, join Wales and Scotland to contest the fifth through eighth place slots.

The last four placements - 9th through 12th, or last place - will see battles between Georgia and Italy, and France against Japan. The winners play for 9th place and the two losers for 11th and 12th place.

The Irish fifteen went undefeated in pool play, and can challenge for the top spot for the second time in the history of the event. They finished fourth in 2014. They face Argentina, another country on the rise in rugby, which also seek their first U-20 crown. Los Pumas managed a fourth place result in 2012.

The team that ends last will be relegated next year to the U-20 Trophy tournament. Samoa won this event in 2016 and they will play in the U-20 Championship next year.