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Fiji Scores Against Portugal

The second round of the 2018 U-20 Trophy tournament took place in Bucharest, Romania. The eight-team, annual championship saw Fiji, Namibia, and Samoa continue unbeaten, all teams at 2-0. Portugal and Uruguay are 1-1, while Romania, Hong Kong and Canada fell to 0-2.

Owing to the format of regional qualification, the eight sides do not necessarily represent the top second tier, eight nations. One could argue that the Eagles, Spain, and Russia are on par with Romania, Namibia, Canada and Portugal and better than Hong Kong. As stated before, there is only one North American fifteen that plays in this event, and, for many of the past years, that team has been Canada.

The results follow:

Fiji 32 – Portugal 22

Samoa 31 – Romania 17

Namibia 84 - Hong Kong 10

Uruguay 27 – Canada 23

The action continues tomorrow when all eight teams meet again. At tournament’s end, the winners of  the two pools will play to advance to the U-20 Championship tournament, the event that features the top twelve youth fifteens.

Schedule for September 5:

Romania v. Hong Kong

Namibia v. Samoa

Fiji v. Canada

Portugal v. Uruguay